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According to a recent study which was conducted with 2,000 parents having at least one child aged between 11 and 16, it has been proved that social media influencer and YouTuber stood second (17 per cent) and third (14 per cent) in the list of most popular professions that children wish to pursue for their careers (,to%20pursue%20for%20their%20careers.)

However, there is no university degree or professional schools that train to be influencer. Until recently, "learning by doing" was the main instrument for those who dream to become an "internet authority".

Fortunately, we have Amazon, where you can find a book on almost any area of your interest.

The Content Inc ( is a landmark work for all who want to become an influencer.

Here are some ideas from the book, which could be of interest to you.


1. Before you launch a product, you should try to create your audience. It will make it much easier to introduce it on its potential market

2. There are six steps in the creation of your audience: 1) create your “sweet spot,” 2) find your content tilt, 3) create your media base, 4) harvest your audience, 5) differentiate your proposal, 6) monetize

3. Any company can copy anything from you except the way you communicate with your audience

4. You must commit to the long haul to be successful in the content business

5. images get 2.3 times more engagement on Facebook than text posts

6. Partial body images from brands perform better than full person or no person.

7. Don’t assume images that do well on #Facebook to do well on #Instagram. They usually don’t.

8. Faces on #Instagram earn more likes than #images without faces

9. Informative images tend to attract more “eyeball attention” than text only and are three times more likely to get shared on social media than documents.

10.If you don’t like the content you are creating, it probably won’t attract the attention of your audience

11.Understanding who your audience is is important for the creation of a really valuable content sweet spot. It may not happen without understanding your audience

12. Content tilt is something that separates you from other players in a particular content area

13.Today it is harder and harder to get the attention of an audience, and you need to struggle for it

14.Unless your content creates a different story, it will be ignored. Everything under the sun has been said. You need to find a new way to express it

15.You need to answer the question “why” before the question “what”. It means that you need to understand what your customer gets from your content

16.The mission statement of your business should be simple and easy. You need to understand clearly what you sell to others

17.What could make somebody refuse to read what he reads now, and replace it with your content?

18.Sometimes you need to start to write about something and create some content before you find your content tilt. While writing about email marketing, you might find your audience is more interested in social media marketing Until you start to write about emails, you could not find and idea about social media post.

19.The content needs to be delivered at the same time as expected and very very very regularly, on the same base (platform).

20.Don’t be afraid to have a point of view. You are not an encyclopedia. People appreciate that

21.Repurposing means changing your content posted in one base or in one format to another. For instance, you can make some post in social media, then transform it to a blog post, then transform it to a video post, or presentation slides. Repurposing is not duplication of the same text but adjustment of the text, taking into account the audience of a particular base.

22.Sending out subscription-based newsletters is a very effective way to communicate and harvest your audience

23.Try to find celebrities or influencers who will join your audience in your blog or social media. You can find them not only by direct emails or invitations, but also by re-posting and sharing their posts in social media. They will see your loyalty and agree to join your audience

24.A blog is the main source of your expertise. You need to blog regularly.

25.A book is the best business card. But don’t expect to earn much money through publishing a book.

26.A blog can help you write a book and vice versa

27.Go small to go big. Specialize in a key topic

28.Think about influencers who can write some parts of your book

29.When writing a book, you need to get editorial help.

30.A book is not just nice to have, it is a game changer

31.Your book needs to have a marketing section in which you state all the channels where you connect with your audience, including Facebook and other channels

32.Use your blog only for publications that position you as an expert. Don’t mix it with other topics and ideas.

33.Share your video appearance and interviews on your blog or web-site. It will allow your potential clients decide whether they want to invite you to a public speaking event. Unless they understand how you speak publicly, they will not be able to make a decision about it.

34.Like in the Elevator pitch. You need to be able to describe what your expertise is and what you can say

35.To position yourself as an expert -- in addition to your blog and book -- you need to arrange digital events that are widely accessible to your audience.

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